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The scientific and technological objectives and research challenges of CRO-INSPECT are addressed through 7 work packages to be developed during 36 months. Table 10 summarizes the Work Packages considered in CRO-INSPECT project.

1 Project Management

2 Scenarios and metrics, user requirements, work-cell design and system architecture

3 Active safety system development for Human Robot Collaboration (HRC)

4 Adaptive control system development for ultrasonic instrument intelligent positioning and collaborative workflow control management

5 Development of ultrasonic techniques adapted for the automatic ultrasonic
inspection of parts with low access

6 System prequalification integration and demonstrator validation

7 Dissemination and Exploitation

The research activities are performed through seven differentiated research work packages. WP2, mainly focus on scenario needs identification that will serve as requirements input to the WPs focused on technological developments: WP3 active safety system development for human robot collaboration, WP4 adaptive control system development and collaborative control management, WP5 for ultrasonic techniques development based on guided waves.WP6 will develop the infrastructure to integrate all the modules to provide a final prototype and validate it. In Figure 18 the inter-relations among these WPs is shown.
The work packages are broken down in defined tasks with their own task leaders according to their specific role within the project. Five of them correspond to RTD activities (WP2 to WP6), while management and dissemination activities are grouped in WP1 and WP7.